Hulk: Rapid Muscle Growth Protocol

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The real reason most people struggle to build muscle isn’t a lack intensity; rather, a lack of proper programming. To maximize muscle growth, each workout you do must build on the last, or you’ll simply plateau every 4-6 weeks. So, how do you break through your plateau, saving you time, money, and your sanity in the process?

By implementing our progressive programming model inside the Hulk, Muscle Building Program.

Program Highlights:
This is a 16 week program with four four-week phases. Each phase builds
upon the previous. You’ll increase resistance and volume to keep

Phase One: Accumulation Phase
During the initial phase, we’ll focus on accumulating volume. This improves
your work capacity to maximize strength later on in your workouts. Prepare
for higher volume and shorter rest periods compared to the following weeks of workouts.

Phase Two: Strength IntensificationThis month will dial back the volume but increase the intensity. This will
drive massive gains in strength with your major, compound lifts.

Phase Three: Hybrid Intensification/
Accumulation Program
Here, we’ll continue to build on the intensification phase from last month
with more heavy lifting and an increase in volume. Make no mistake, this isthe toughest phase of the program. Make sure your diet is on point and
you’re sleeping 7-9 hours per night.

Phase Four: Intensification/Peaking
The final month of the program dials back the volume from the previous
months while helping you peak for maximum strength. Keep pushing hard
and cap of your program with personal records in major lifts.

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Hulk: Rapid Muscle Growth Protocol

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