Big Arms Blueprint

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Listen, Bub. No body part displays strength and muscular development
quite like a pair of big, sleeve stretching arms. And let’s face it since you
saw Arnold Schwarzenegger flex his pythons you’ve wanted big biceps.

The problem?

It’s tough work to build big arms. It’s worse if you’ve fallen prey to the
muscle mags with juiced out lifters telling you 40 sets of biceps curls per
week is what you need. That’s not the case.

Endless sets of curls are the last way you’ll ever get big biceps unless you
have the foundation to support them.

Here’s what need: a foundation of strength, particularly in pulling
movements like rows and chin-ups. Then, once you’re strong and capable
of recruiting the more muscle fibers, cap off your arm development with fancy isolation exercises.

Here’s the plan. You’re going to get stronger, particularly with pulling

By getting stronger, we’ll flood your body with anabolic
hormones to stimulate muscle growth. Since these exercises create high
amounts of tension, these one two punches of muscle building hormones and proper training will help you build slabs of muscle.

Program Highlights:

Phase One - Strength
In phase one, you’ll be building strength from head to toe, but particularly
with pulling movements. By making specific changes to your training tempo
and grip, you’ll recruit more muscle fibers. This allows you to fatigue more
muscle fibers to grow your arms.

Phase Two - Accumulation
During phase two we’ll increase volume on your arms and add a few
bodybuilding methods to increase metabolic stress to trigger more muscle

Phase Three - Specialization
If you want to grow bigger arms it makes sense to focus more time on training your arms, right? That’s what we’re going to do. Specialization workouts work best when isolation you lessen volume on
other body parts. We’ll jack up the volume on your arms, but reduce it

New exercises will shock new growth. A variety of exercises will trigger new
muscle fibers.

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Big Arms Blueprint

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