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Want to build a lean, toned, and sculpted body? The Athena Program is a no-b.s. 12 week program designed specifically for women who want to look, feel, and perform their best.

This is a 12-week program with three four-week phases. Each phase builds
the previous, increasing resistance and volume to keep overloading your
body, getting you closer to your dream body in the process.
Program highlights:

Phase One: Strength Phase
During the initial phase, we’ll focus on building strength. Strength is a
foundation skill, meaning it makes everything else more efficient. Once
stronger, you’ll be able to build lean muscle then, preserve muscle later in
the training while you lose fat to reveal your best body yet.

Phase Two: Strength and Lean Muscle
Many lifters make the mistake of always trying to lose fat. The problem?
Unless you have lean muscle, you won’t have the “toned” look even if you
do lose fat. So, this phase will have more volume than the first phase. We’ll
include longer duration sets and sprinkle in some classic intensity boosting

Phase Three: Fat Loss
The fat loss phase will take the progress you’ve made in the gym over the
past eight weeks and cap it off with a final fat loss phase. This will help you reveal the dense, toned, and athletic figure you’re after, unlike the endless
“toning and pumping” crap published most places.
Remember, if you lose too much muscle when dieting you won’t have the
dense, defined look you’re after. So, to minimize muscle loss, we’ll continue
lifting heavy to preserve lean muscle. Then, we’ll amplify your conditioning
to lose fat fast.

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